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Carbon Negative & Non-Toxic Work Space

FriendsWorkShops is a new set-up and Hire Facility that has evolved out of the changes brought upon us by the Global Pandemic. We have named it such because some of our past clients stayed with us through these difficult times and we now feel that by providing a facility for these Artists, Creatives & Musicians, we should honour them for their hard work, diligence and staying power. They are 'Friends'.

FriendsWorkShops has a profound Environmental Ethos where only Non-Toxic art products are allowed to be brought on site. We neither want the person working to be polluted from their practices or the environment polluted by the consequences of their work. Resins, chemical solvents, and anything in a spray can, etc are all prohibited and we have managed to find replacements for nearly all commercially available products.

Art that has lasted for hundreds, and sometimes thousands of years, was made with natural things before the advent of Petrochemicals and these processes can be used now as they were before. This gives new work similar content to Archival and Ancient items and an essential connection to the past which is much needed in our modern throw away society.

We encourage the use of recycled products in Art and Craftwork and also in Stage and Theatre Design.

The building has been refurbished with more that 95% reclaimed materials making it a Carbon Negative facility and we ask all that work here to have an understanding of the current environmental situation and eventually create their own environmental policy, if they haven't already.

We are a hire facility and people join as a member, 'Friend' and they can then Hire various rooms to suit their practices. From sound proof music rooms, fine art painters & sculptors, crafts, designers and the performing arts.

Rooms are Hired usually for a minimum of 3 months and much longer periods too. We occasionally hire for a month only, if someone needs space to finish a degree, prep for an exam, produce an individual work or project in a hurry, or with budget or time restraints. This is only possible if we have empty space, but we will try to help if we can. Bookings can be made 2 months in advance.

A barter system is also offered to some 'Friends' where they can work for the building in return for a larger space than their budget allows. We try to be as flexible as possible and especially welcome those that live close to us and encourage those that need to make a change from home work since the pandemic.

We have a strict Covid19 risk assessment policy in place and all are expected to follow it and any changes made to it in the coming months or years.

FriendsWorkShops runs an Equal Opportunities Policy and we are Non-Political. The Workshops currently run as a limited company but they are a not-for-profit part of the premises and will eventually be a CIC.

This is not a place that suits everyone but those that 'get it' will find its setting and principles right for them to create, develop and grow in.

There is a linked Gallery & Event Facilities and other interesting features to this unique premises, with an entertainments program and 'Friends' evenings starting soon. There will also be 'Open Days' and a Showroom for work made on site.

The Workshops can be hired during the hours listed below and we usually have someone in the office, Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm and occasionally at other times.

Our Equal Opportunities and GDPR Policies are availiable on request.

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